Friday, 20 May 2011

Dauphine Shoot - Panel Dress & Lace Dress

Dauphine Shoot - Bamboo Sleeve Jacket & Panel Dress

Dauphine Shoot - Panel Dress

Dauphine Shoot - Shirt & Lace Dress

Dauphine Shoot - Velvet Dress & Lace Dress

AW-V Collection - A/W 2012 - Dauphine

Jil Sander - A/W 2012 - Kaleidoscopic Origami

This collection for Jil Sander is inspired by the shapes created by the reflective glass in kaleidoscopes.

As well as using print to exhibit these shapes, 3D origami, pleating and fabric manipulation will allow the inspiration to be shown through silhouette and cut.

Sass & Bide - Spring 2012 - Broken Skies

This Sass & Bide collection uses the juxtaposition of the elegance of the sky and the sharpness of broken objects within garments and looks. The collaboration of the two silhouettes create a dynamic and edgy look with detailing through embellishment, fabric manipulation and print.

Abercrombie & Fitch - Back To School 2011 - Woodstock Summer

Abercrombie and Fitch is the all-American casual wear brand that encaptures the relaxed yet articulate style of college students. Inspired by the iconic Woodstock festival, this back to school collection uses the silhouette, print and colour the music festival was known for.

Urban Outfitter Reformed - Spring 2012 - Woodstock

Inspired entirely by the Woodstock festival, this Reformed collection exclusively for Urban
Outfitters uses classic silhouettes with an edge. Recycling vintage prints and one of-a-kind items and revamping them with a contemporary feel and style.

The Reformed customer has a relaxed approach to fashion and their individual eclectic style. Although flamboyant the customer is peaceful at heart with eco-friendly outlooks on living. Their mind is imaginative with a strong interest in the creative industry and arts.


BRKN BRND (pronounced Broken Brand) is a T-shirt only line using innovative pattern cutting to create new silhouettes. Print and pattern are applied through fabric manipulation and placement through the construction process. The BRKN BRND customer is young, edgy, indie, laid back, creative, alternative and confident.